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Special prices on copper pipes and compression fittings 15mm,22mm,28mm
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22mm Compression equal Tee
2.21 old price
NEW price=1.30
28mm Compression equal Tee
2.85 old price
NEW price=1.78
22mm Compression elbow
2.12 old price
NEW price=1.20
28mm Compression elbow
3.42 old price
NEW price=2.60
22mm Compression coupling
1.88 old price
NEW price=1.22
28mm Compression coupling
3.32 old price
NEW price=2.20
28x22x28mm Comp Reduction Tee
4.06 old price
NEW price=2.75
28x28x15mm Comp Reduction Tee
5.95 old price
NEW price=3.85

We have good prices on underground pipes,
copper pipes, chrome pipes and mild steel.
We have all types of end feed and compression fittings.

All sizes of copper tubes.
All types of Mild steel fittings.
All types of copper end feed fittings.
All types of plastic tubes and fittings.
All types of plastic push fit elbows, tee's.
J G Speedfit Equal Tee

15mm 1.76
22mm 2.63
J G Speedfit Elbow

15mm 1.22
22mm 1.95
J G Speedfit Straight Coupling

15mm 1.00
22mm 1.62
J G Speedfit Pex Pipe

25m 51.75
50m 103.02
J G Stop End

15mm 1.30
22mm 1.69
J G Pipe Inserts

15mm 0.20
22mm 0.27